Rebuilding Credit

Simple Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

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Get to know your credit. In fact, become best friends. Whether you’re looking to improve your credit score, or building it from scratch, we’ve got some tips for you. Building and maintaining good credit is no easy task, but often times consumers are overwhelmed by the information they encounter online. A low credit score is not the end of the…

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How Does My Credit Score Affect New Purchases?

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Trying to borrow with bad credit? Not so fast. Many Americans are asking questions like, what is a good credit score or how to rebuild a credit score? Chances are if you’re asking these questions, your credit score could use some work. According to Lexington Law; 12% of the U.S. population has a credit score below 550. This group of…

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Should You Ever Co-Sign on a Loan?

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To co-sign or not, that is the question. It can be tough to get approval for loans or credit cards for someone who doesn’t have a good credit history. However, businesses still approve such applicants if  someone with good credit agrees to co-sign for them. If your loved ones ask you to co-sign and you agree to help, they will…

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How is your FICO score calculated?

How is my FICO score calculated?

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What is a FICO score? Your FICO (Fair, Isaac and Company) score is your credit score that is calculated with exclusive formulas and algorithms using the data from your credit report. If you are wondering “how is your credit score determined?” Then have a look at the factors that contribute to your FICO score below: How is Your FICO Score…

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