Unsecured Debt

Avoid debt by teach money management early.

Avoid debt by teaching money management early.

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Save early for a better later. The whole world revolves around money. unfortunate, but all too often the case. When you’re young, you quickly spend money without giving a second thought to the possibility of adverse effects. You’re certainly not thinking of how to avoid debt. It’s essential that children are educated about the value of money, so they understand…

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Should I pay off olc collections first or focus on new debt

Should my old collections accounts be paid off first or focus on current debt?

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What exactly are old collections? When an account becomes severely past due, the account is turned over to collections by the creditor. This generally occurs between 60 and 180 days of being overdue. The creditor will either pass it on to their in-house collections department, or sell the debt to a an outside collection agency. The collection agency then become…

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How to prioritize your debt payments

How to prioritize your debt, the smart way

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So you have student loan, and credit card debt. How to prioritize your debt. Debts of any kind have to be paid under the set terms in order to maintain your credit score. Unfortunately, the terms of the multiple loans don’t care much about each-other, or your wallet. Now, to prioritize your debt debts, you have to understand the types…

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How long will paying minimum monthly payments really cost me?

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I’ll pay more next month… When creating a budget, you’re told to keep your expenses as low as you possibly can, and it’s good advice. Unless of course you’re making credit card payments. Most people are tempted to make the minimum monthly payment on their credit card in an effort to offset other bills. In the long run this is…

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