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Balance transfer: Beating high interest rates or path to perpetual debt?

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The balance transfer game can be fun, until you lose the game. A credit card balance transfer is a common way of avoiding interest rates. This is done by frequently moving your debt to new sources, chasing low introductory rates. While this can be an effective way to avoid excessive interest rates, it can be equally dangerous. For consumers with…

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Avoid debt by teach money management early.

Avoid debt by teaching money management early.

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Save early for a better later. The whole world revolves around money. unfortunate, but all too often the case. When you’re young, you quickly spend money without giving a second thought to the possibility of adverse effects. You’re certainly not thinking of how to avoid debt. It’s essential that children are educated about the value of money, so they understand…

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Using secured credit to rebuild your score

Rebuilding with secured credit. One of many tools consumers should use.

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Unsecured credit step aside, secured credit is here to help rebuild.  Times are tough for the general population’s credit. Even those who enjoyed easy approvals and low interest rates in years past are starting to feel the crunch. The reality is, your credit card or other unsecured debt always catches up to you. When this happens, we enter a rebuilding…

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Credit reporting in countries outside the US

How does credit reporting work outside of America?

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Credit reporting at home and abroad. A great deal of attention is put on the three-digit credit score that summarizes your creditworthiness. Have you ever wondered how the credit reporting system came to be? Or, what are the credit systems in different countries in the world? Do you need to rebuild credit if you move to a new country? Let’s…

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